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 Turbujet (Canvas cleaner)

 Turbujet is the machine to clean the canvas efficiently getting dirty with gum or dregs in a cavity etc..
In recent years, as the compounding rate increases more, the dirt with gum or dregs in a cavity occur decline of dry efficiency, increase of defective paper, or tear of paper etc..
It will result in interruptions in works.
According to the conditions of dirt, it can select ways of cleaning with high pressure water, steam, and air, and it can clean canvas evenly along the speed of moving nozzle.
We have achievements of selling more than 150 machines in all over the world.
We would be able to suggest the best installation space and the best way to clean.

 Steam Profiler

・Improvement of efficiency for dehydration.
Paper web is put in steam. As it raises the temperature of water included in paper sheet, it lowers the stickiness of water. So it results in improvement of vacuum efficiency through suction roll.

・Improvement of water profile.
Water unevenness of paper web in CD direction shall be put down by changing the amount of putting in steam.

・Steam reduction in dry part.
As the efficiency of dehydration is improved, the usage of steam in dry part can be reduced.

・Speedup of machine driving.
As the efficiency of dehydration is improved, it shall be possible to speed up the machine.

・Domestic achievements of selling: More than 70 machines.

 Chemical Spray Device


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