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 About us

In getting bigger and a high speed, we have made great efforts to develop and research products for many years as a paper machine manufacturer. Various high speed rolls with Max. 13 meter, dehydrating machines composited of ceramics and F.R.P., and the other machines are designed and sold by us.
 We are also active in non-woven fabrics industry and the other in recent years based on trust to us and our experiences in paper machine industry. Please let’s have anything to talk about with us freely.

 Sales Department

They aim for a total support.
Our all sales staff has experience of drawing in the engineering department to be able to advise appropriately as soon as customer requests. So they can receive customers kindly, and they are also consulted by customer after purchasing without worrying.

 Engineering Department

They embody one idea.

Their principle of design is to recognize the object of customer accurately, and to contribute the customer with our reliable products. They design the products patiently and accurately to demand customer’s requests. Of course, they don’t only design the product but also instruct about engineering of energy-saving measures and improvement of operating efficiency.

 Manufacturing Department

Not to get conceited, and not to compromise.

Since 1971. We have made the more of our experiences in many years, and we have made possible efforts to manufacture reliable products. Area of Headquarters & Factory is 9,980 m2. We manufacture excellent materials by using latest equipments.

 Sales of Foreign Products

For coping appropriately with demands of the customer.

We proceed to increase sale contracts with foreign makers to deal with the products.
We can recommend these makers with confidence and they will actually be helpful to customers.
Then we form alliances with foreign excellent makers of wide-ranging fields as a reliable window in Japan and we also build the model of after-sales service.


For bringing out the best of cost effectiveness.
After the customer introduced our products into their factory, they must be done routine maintenance to keep the quality of our products, though the necessity of maintenance may be changed according to the working condition. We recommend the customer to do routine maintenance, and our skilled workers will check and give good advice to the customer quickly to increase productivity.
We make an effort that our products are used habitually, safely and comfortably.