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 Box(Made of stainless steel)

Forming Board
Multi-Hydro Foil
Wet Vacuumu Foil
Multi Flex Foil
Wire Cleaner Box
High Drainage Box
Trim Suction Box
Acti-Flow As the object of Acti-Flow used on the wet side is to repeat dehydrating and to float paper web between the blades, the amount of dehydration is increased. At the same time, the paper formation is scattered equally.
Multi Flex Foil For adjustment of dehydration in Multi-Hydro Foil. It is possible to control the adjustment of dehydration during running the wire by using this box.
Wire Cleaner Box As the high pressure air and water from the wire loop jet out at the same time, the wire of multiplex weave is cleaned. While the holding water element is reduced, the equality of holding water on the wire is promoted. As a result, the paper machine is possible to run faster.
High Drainage Box As this box can continuously dehydrate white water on the wire, the efficiency of dehydration is increased.
Trim Suction Box The cut selvage of paper is held on bottom wire by vacuum of this box. So it is easy to operate safely and to feed paper through a device.

 Ceramic Blade・Ceramic Cover

Various ceramic products
 Made of ceramics with Alumina (Al2O3), Silicon Carbide (SiC), or Silicon Nitride (SiN).
We prepare various ceramics like above, and the insert blade and composite cover are made to glue the ceramics and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) together. Then they can be manufactured to fit various favorite shapes.
It is possible to process high quality flat and curved surface by grinding the assembly itself in 1500 mm MD (Machine Drive) direction and more than 10 m CD (Cross Drive) direction at one time.
 In Z direction of paper stock, white water uniform in lower mat shall be rushed back from lower wire by using these blades. The object of these blades is to improve the upper dehydration and to scatter the paper formation equally.
Flat ceramic wide cover
Curved ceramic cover